Declaration of Conformity

The manufacturer declares conformity. This is a statement by a supplier, claiming under his sole responsibility that a product, process or service is in conformity with a specific standard or other normative document.
The European Commission has established four different levels for declaration of conformity. Level 1 and 3 applies to most glass products.

With products that have safety relevance – Level 1 (AoC-1) – it is necessary to provide a certificate of conformity from a legally notified location. Level 3 products (AoC-3) can be self-certified by the manufacturer.

Requirements to obtain a declaration of conformity

Product characteristics must undergo an ITT (initial type test) at a legally notified location.


On all labels which are put on to products at ECKELT and ZIEGLER, in addition to previous information, you will now find: CE-Marking, CE-Reference code and the Internet address to call-up the product data.

The European Union requires in its construction products directive that glass products that are brought into the market only carry CE-Marking. Following positive completion of all necessary prerequisites, the marking is carried out in conformance at all Austrian GLASSOLUTIONS plants.


The prerequisite for CE-Marking of a product is that the standard for the product is published and has been harmonised in its inclusion in the official European register. Thereby „EN“ has become „hEN“. After publication of the European Standard (EN) there is a period of 9 months in which the individual EU member states must harmonise their regulations. Only once this period has expired can the CE-Marking be applied to the product (it doesn’t have to be). This starts a „co-existence phase” which lasts a further 12 months. In the co-existence phase products may be sold with the CE-Marking.

Only afterwards i.e. 21 months after availability of the standard, is CE marking necessary („Date of Withdrawal“, i.e. all previous national standards have been withdrawn.)

Product Standard CE compulsory after
Fully tempered safety glass ÖNORM EN 12150 1. September 2006
Heat-Strengthened glass ÖNORM EN 1863 1. September 2006
Laminated safety glass ÖNORM EN 14449 1. March 2007
Insulated glass ÖNORM EN 1279 1. March 2007
Heat soak tested fully tempered safety glass ÖNORM EN 14179 1. March 2007
Fire-resistant glass ÖNORM EN 14179 1. March 2007
Fully tempered safety glass for shower doors ÖNORM EN 14428 1. September 2007