Innovations are a significant contribution to the development of the company. SAINT-GOBAIN has more than 1,000 employees who contribute to Research & Development. On these foundations, ECKELT has for many years been able to set new standards in the market with its products. Many patents and intellectual property rights on products and applications have been established from advancing ideas, which have been developed by ECKELT as a reaction to market requirements. The patents and intellectual property rights are controlled centrally by SAINT-GOBAIN.

Specific ECKELT products such as VARIO, DLS ECKLITE, LITE-WALL etc. have been born from this development process. Exclusive licenses have been obtained for products such as DLS COOLSHADE and ECLOON.

Cooperation with universities and professional institutes for the advancement of innovative technologies in relevant markets underline our future-oriented actions.

The current research project „Load-bearing structures of glass“, which is being carried out in association with the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna, serves as a foundation for the construction of glass structures under the innovative comprehension of buckling characteristics of glass. The load distribution should take into consideration the complete load-bearing behaviour of glass beams.

With our involvement in the project „glued wood/glass constructions“ at Holzforschung (wood research) Austria [website] we expect new impulses for the facade and wood construction markets. It is intended to find results from the structural loading capabilities of wood/glass laminates for construction of facades and winter gardens as well as the potential for use as structural elements in buildings (e.g. as stiffening for timber-framed buildings).