Relevant standards for glass products and applications
Current standards generally contain important fundamentals of performance characteristics and requirements of products. You can download some relevant standards relating to the product glass:
[PDF] Relevant standards

Legally binding standards

As a source for information we refer to the published register from the Austrian Standards Institute „Register § 2006“ which contains all standards which are stated as being legally binding in Austrian law or directives.

Building product guidelines

The Austrian Institute for Building technology (OIB) is the coordinating platform of the Austrian provinces with respect to the construction industry, in particular with the implementation of building product guidelines. At the same time, the institute is also responsible for issuing European technical permits and the accreditation site for testing, inspection and certification of building products.

Legal information system „RIS“

As an aide to finding relevant provincial building regulations, the RIS-Databank - provided by the Federal Chancellery of Austria – has proven worthwhile. Current building technology directives can be searched for with keywords e.g. glass, glass walls, glass roofs, safety glass ... and found quickly.

Directives of the provincial capitals which are applicable in these cities cannot be found here.