Transparent Architecture

Modern Architecture shows a clear trend towards transparent, light-filled buildings with great expanses of windows and facades. Such architectonic designs normally require measures to avoid excessive overheating through intensive solar rays.

ECKELT offers an extensive range of solar control glass types which reduce solar energy without compromising on the view to the outside. Apart from the excellent thermal insulation properties these glass types support a comfortable interior climate and can contribute to the aesthetic of a building by using different colours and reflections.

CLIMAPLUS SOLAR CONTROL is the title for a wide variety of solar control glass types. Although they provide solar control and thermal insulation, they can also be combined to achieve additional functions such as acoustic protection, resistance to theft, personal protection, alarm-alerting, fire-resistance etc.

Variable solar control in combination with DLS ECKLITE SC – to achieve outstanding solar factors - or as a structural glazing application with the VARIO system is achievable as architectonic highlights.


Colour coordinated spandrels to CLIMAPLUS SOLAR CONTROL

A uniform appearance between vision units and spandrels in facades is only possible with highly reflective glass types. A low level of reflection cannot hide the different appearance of transparent and opaque glass types.

To achieve the most uniform appearance on a facade we have a range of colour-coordinated EMALIT-H spandrel panels to match our thermally insulating and solar control glass types.

LITE-POINT with SERALIT LITEX dual colour, office campus Vienna
CLIMAPLUS ANTELIO grün 48/37 with double-skin spandrel, office campus Vienna
Spandrel S-EM 750 WW, Europlaza Vienna