Thermally insulating glass

The best standard with exceptional thermal insulating properties up to 0,9 W/m².K. The ideal application for North-oriented or large areas of glazing. The most economical solution can be achieved using argon filled units.

A extremely thin, neutral-coloured performance coating reflects almost all of the energy radiation from inside the heated building. This ensures a significant reduction in energy loss down to levels below those required by building codes.

The overall living comfort of the occupants is improved and achieves the expectations of a modern residence.

Cleaning costs can also be minimised by using BIOCLEAN [>] as an additional feature. BIOCLEAN uses sun and rain naturally to remove organic substances from the surface and the glass stays much cleaner for longer – reducing water usage at the same time.

With CLIMAPLUS ACOUSTIC [>] or CLIMAPLUS SILENCE [>] it is possible to improve the noise reduction characteristics – even at high noise levels – for improved relaxation and a peaceful atmosphere.

Using safety glass for doors and windows below parapet height ensures that injury through falling doesn’t occur. All CLIMAPLUS Insulating units can be combined with SECURIT [>] or
STADIP [>] safety glass.

Example CLIMAPLUS ONE - Ug 0,9 W/m².K
Comfort diagram