Acoustic protection – laminated glass with higher performance

STADIP SILENCE is laminated safety glass to EN 12643-2, -5, -6 and combines the advantages of high acoustic performance with safety.

A wall against noise – not against vision

The ideal solution for this application is STADIP SILENCE: Partitions in building interiors, acoustic barriers in traffic areas and external sheets of windows or dual-skin facades using this special acoustic laminated glass create and island of peace whilst keeping views unobstructed. Dependent on the thickness STADIP SILENCE as monolithic glass reduces noise by up to 45 dB – with clear undistorted vision! In a double-skin system construction it is possible to achieve acoustic values above 50 dB.

Quality of life is reduced by increasing noise pollution!

More and more people suffer these days because of noise pollution. The solution to this problem poses a huge challenge for everyone responsible for the creation of our living and working lifestyle.

As an individual it is difficult to do anything about the source of noise – but it is possible to drastically reduce the interference noise causes in living spaces. Research in many European countries has shown that people are ready to invest in noise protection.