SGG SECURIT-H General Info

Heat-Soak-Tested Monolithic Safety Glass to EN 14179-1

SECURIT-H is a Heat-Soak-Tested, thermally tempered monolithic safety glass in accordance with EN 14179-1 and is a safety glass in accordance with Austrian Standard B 3710.

This process heats the glass intended for safety applications under controlled conditions up to 290 °C and holds it at this temperature for at least four hours. The temperature of the glass must not go below 280 °C nor exceed 320 °C. This „heat-soaking“ is a practical method of sorting out all glass with the potential for spontaneous breakage, with a minimum remainder of risk. This procedure therefore fulfills the required basic technical safety aspects (GruSiBau).

SECURIT-H offers particular application safety and should therefore be used for facade glazing – the outer sheet of insulated units.

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