SGG SECURIT General Info

Thermally toughened safety glass to EN 12150-1


  • 4 – 5 times higher bending strength than normal glass
  • High resistance to rapid temperature change and high temperature differences within the sheet
  • Safety glass to ÖNORM B 3710

Safety glass characteristics to EN 12150-1
resp. ANSI Z.97.1-1984

  • At extreme loading it breaks into blunt-edged, more or less loose clumps of crumbs which provide much less risk against injury compared to the sharp edged shards of normal glass
  • High impact resistance and torsion stiffness
  • Ball impact safety to DIN 18032 Part 3,
    Glass thickness 5 mm

SECURIT can also be supplied as safety glass with an alarm – SECURIT ALARM - an combined as laminated or insulated glass. In one corner of the SECURIT sheet there is an electrical circuit fused to the surface. Should the glass be broken, the specific breakage pattern of SECURIT Fully Tempered glass causes the electrical circuit to be broken and thereby releases an Alarm connected to it. This system is patented protected by DP 2404278 and DP 1278292.

Stress distribution
SECURIT ALARM – alarm system with surface-fused conductive circuit [PDF]