Walk-on glass – more light with safety

LITE-FLOOR is a laminated safety glass designed to be walked on with slip-resistance and offers more light with safety.

LITE-FLOOR allows stairs and floors to be manufactured in accordance with high safety standards, under the basic load conditions set out in Austrian Standard ÖNORM B 1991-1-1. LITE-FLOOR is a safety glass classified to ÖNORM B 3710.

In the forefront of the application stands an all-encompassing space experience, natural daylight with filigree constructions, emotional architecture and living design.

For sensitive applications it is possible to provide privacy by using the slip-resistance coating and/or using translucent PvB interlayers, which can also include coloured designs.

Structural concept

LITE-FLOOR laminated safety glass typically comprises three sheets of glass. The (two) lower sheets accommodate the standard load and are either annealed or heat-strengthened glass. The upper sheet of glass with its patented coating or etching provides the function of slip-resistance and is made of heat strengthened glass.

Residual strength

The highly tear-resistant interlayers hold the individual sheets together even after mechanical failure has occurred. A reduced residual strength remains dependent on the type of damage.

For particularly onerous requirements of severe impact, a general building control permit for Germany has been obtained which details the impact resistance and residual strength evaluation.

In accordance with typical requirements, LITE-FLOOR is manufactured in three different types:


Laminated safety glass with slip-resistance, partially transparent or translucent.


Laminated safety glass with slip-resistant surface etching, partially transparent or satinised – for external applications.


Laminated safety glass with slip-resistance and tested residual strength performance.

LITE-FLOOR Insulated units

For thermal insulation, it is possible to manufacture all LITE-FLOOR Types into walk-on insulated units. A suitable frame construction is necessary.

LITE-FLOOR insulated glass - fire resistance E 60