LITE?FLOOR?Xtreme General Info

Exciting glass solutions for stairs and floors

LITE-FLOOR®Xtreme is a laminated safety glass in accordance with EN ISO 12543-4 under application using interlayers with shear-resistant Ionoplast. The Ionoplast replaces conventional pvb interlayers. For such applications there is verification for suitability for interior walk-on glazing in accordance with Austrian Standard ÖNÖRM B3716-4.

The advantages are convincing
  • Thinner glass due to maximum shear performance
  • Increased structural integrity
  • Permanently clear glass edges
Aesthetic solutions

LITE-FLOOR®Xtreme has been specially developed and tested for applications of walkable glass steps, stairs, platforms and floors. Architecturally exciting and aesthetic solutions whilst complying with current Austrian (and International) safety standards and codes allow use in residential and public buildings. The highlight of the applications is the complete space experience combining natural daylight, filigree construction, emotional architecture and space design.

Slip-resistance ? as a design not just a necessity

The Austrian Institute for Building Technology (OIB) requires, as part of its regulation clause 4 Pt. 3.1.1, a slip-resistant surface. Most International codes also require this. This is a chance to introduce some functional design.

We offer different basic solutions:

  • Surface printing with slip-resistant LITE-FLOOR Designs in standard and custom colours
  • Glass puristic with structured surfaces, partially transparent or translucent

With these options, the possibilities for creating variations in vision, transparency and privacy ? even for sensitive applications are almost endless.


Designstudio for LITE-FLOOR

Visualises the standard colours and patterns for complete or partial coverage. For custom colours see Technology [>].


Overview and max dimension for single-spans (2-sided support) ? for Interior applications in Categories A + B1 according to Austrian Standard ÖNORM B1991-1-1

Dimensions max. 5690 x 2500 mm bzw. min. 300 x 300 mm

Type overview for single spans
Type LITE-FLOOR®Xtreme Span mm Glass width mm Thickness mm
SG 18/2 800 ≥ 270 17,5
SG 22/2 1250 ≥ 270 21,5
SG 26/2 1750 ≥ 270 25,5
SG 27/3 1700 ≥ 270 27,0
SG 33/3 2600 ≥ 270 33,0
SG 39/3 3600 ≥ 270 39,0

Service loads applied to ÖNORM B 1991-1-1: Point-load Qk 2.0 kN or distributed load qk up to 4.0 kN/m²

Overview ? for Interior applications in Categories B2 to D2
Type LITE-FLOOR®Xtreme Max. dimension Thickness mm
SG 37/4 Dependent on the type of support (Single/double span or linear support) and Category of use.
Provided on request.
SG 45/4 44,5
SG 53/4 52,5