eckelt.DOORS General Info

Aesthetic and Safety

Glass used for interiors is no longer seen as a material luxury without much function, rather the contradictory characteristics of the material are now appreciated. Pure or colourful, the use of warm colours and rough or structured surfaces create completely new feelings for the otherwise cold material. Effects are used as functions – the richness of ideas has no boundaries.

eckelt.DOORS have all necessary safety aspects covered – they are robust and can withstand quite some punishment. The base material is heat strengthened glass which for reasons of high impact resistance is used extensively in the Automobile industry. STADIP laminated safety glass (VSG in German) – from which the majority of our doors are made – uses this safety aspect and is also splinter-free. Even when overloaded to failure, the doors remain structurally intact and continue to provide a barrier.


eckelt.DOORS can be seen as a safe room closer:

  • Even when damaged by force, the particles of glass remain held together.
  • Over a period of at least 48 hours it is still possible to open and close the door normally.
  • The door can still be locked, still protecting from unwanted entry.
  • The group eckelt.DOORS BASICS and the door types SADO and OSHIMA are on the contrary made of SECURIT monolithic tempered safety glass, which has been used in glass doors for decades. A room closure is not provided when the glass is mechanically overloaded – the door will fall into small particles.

Living in a new light
eckelt.DOORS Color Twin

The magic of colours and transparency are the defining characteristics of these doors. Free vision is provided.

eckelt.DOORS Color Twin:
3 options [>]
eckelt.DOORS | Togian
Transparent coloured
eckelt.DOORS | SUMBA
Transparent coloured

Doors with charisma
eckelt.DOORS Design

Extravagance comes to the fore – the room closure becomes a piece of art. Patterns bring your design to another level.

eckelt.DOORS Design:
6 options [>]
eckelt.DOORS | Amati Stone-decor, Alabaster black, opaque
eckelt.DOORS | Nakadori Reflexion or vision depending on lighting

Coloured room closure
eckelt.DOORS Color Opaque

The use of colours and surface textures brings a completely new feeling to the material. Only glass and its complete clarity allow such differing aspects such as design, feeling and emotion to be experienced.

eckelt.DOORS Color Opak:
5 options [>]
eckelt.DOORS | Bisa uniform, symmetrical colour graduation
eckelt.DOORS | Madura uniform, symmetrical colour appearance, matt surface

Funktion und Design
eckelt.DOORS Mirror

Mirror is the design element with these doors. In combination with SATINOVO a completely new effect is born – the door is opaque and has the appearance of a metallic matt finish.

Partial coating of mirror accentuates these effects.

eckelt.DOORS Mirror:
3 options [>]
eckelt.DOORS | Lofoten mirrored/matt metallic, opaque
eckelt.DOORS | Aland miirored, Decor black

Space for Individuality
eckelt.DOORS MoirÉe

Colours and lively textures vary in movement with light and give a playful translucence – backgrounds become interestingly secretive.

eckelt.DOORS Moirèe:
3 options [>]
eckelt.DOORS | Moa
The appearance varies when the door or person moves
eckelt.DOORS | Fatu Hiva The appearance varies when the door or person moves

Doors in clear view
eckelt.DOORS Basics

Clinically sober textures harmonise with every living style. Satinised surfaces are minimalist and bring perfection to the ambience.

eckelt.DOORS Basics:
3 options [>]
eckelt.DOORS | Samoa etched/blank
eckelt.DOORS | Lambi structured/blank

Separation without borders
eckelt.DOORS Color Translucent

These elegant doors protect from inquisitive eyes but still allow light through.

eckelt.DOORS Translucent:
8 options [>]
eckelt.DOORS | Nias translucent, colour appearance is asymmetrical depending on the side
eckelt.DOORS | Luzon translucent, colour appearance is asymmetrical depending on the side