Privacy on demand

1. Dimensions

Up to 1500 mm x 3000 mm
1800 mm x 3000 mm [on demand]
Minimum 200 x 300 mm
Standard thickness 12 mm
8 - 22 mm on demand

PRIVA-LITE XL 55.4 [12 mm thickness] laminated glass, is also available in double and triple glazing unit. It can be composed of glass that is tempered, coloured, screen printed, bended, curved, sandblasted, ... The installation of double or triple glazing units is possible with all products from the SAINT-GOBAIN product range.

Depending on the size of the glass-pane, both electrodes can be positioned either on top, or at the bottom, or on the right or left side, with the exit of the cable at the center of the electrodes‘ side.

Power Supply Unit Standard [max. 4,5 m²]: 130 x 90 x 70 mm, 1 kg


2. Technical data

  Single glazing
PRIVA-LITE XL 55.4 [12 mm]
Light transmission * 77% 50%
Light reflection * 19% 18%
Haze [level of blur] * 7,5% 99%
RW [C; Ctr] 38 [-2; -3] dB 38 [-2; -3] dB
Power 7 Watt/m² 0 Watt/m²
Operating voltage 65 volts [50 Hz]
IP IP 43
Electrical classification Equivalent to a laminated glass [EN 12600, level 1B1]
Standards and certification Class I

* The spectrophotometric data are given a tolerance of +/- 2%.


3. Finishing

All of the standard shapes ? except complete circles as well as shapes with angles inferior to 30 ? ? are possible.

The glazing is delivered in the required dimension. No further cutting or drilling is possible. Holes and notches are possible under specific conditions. In the event of a hanging screen, the anchor holes have to be located in a zone without LC film.


4. Implementation and Installation

To guarantee the quality and durability of the installation, it?s strongly recommended to entrust the installation to a qualified electrician. The installation has to respect the current electrical regulations.

  • Switch the glazing off at least once per day. If necessary an electronic timer can be provided
  • Intended exposure of the glazing to temperatures exceeding + 60?C or below -20?C will require a specific analysis
  • Prevent all pressure on the surface of the panel, over the molding and the cables
  • The power supply unit can be located remotely, but must remain accessible for maintenance
  • The control can be operated by a standard switch or via a remote control [230 V 50 Hz] fixed on the input

Type of frame:

  • Fixed, opening or sliding frame
  • Possibility to hang [suspension holes in the zone without LC film]
  • Use only untreated hardwood support blocks [packers]
  • Only the Multisil silicone is approved
  • Any material in contact with the edges of the glass must be checked in advance for compatibility

[PDF] Tolerances ECKELT GLAS
[PDF] General Cleaning Instructions
[PDF] General Glazing Guidelines