SGG EMALIT-H Technology

For creative Facade and Interior designs

1. Dimensions

From Float glass
Glass thickness 4-12 mm

min. 200 x 300 mm
max. 2000 x 4000 mm
Non-standard thickness or size upon request
From Cast glass – Standard roller application
Glass thicknesses 6 / 8 / 10 mm
max. 200 x 300 mm
min. 1500 x 2500 mm
Glass types:

MASTER-POINT, MASTER-LENSE in thickness 6 / 8 mm
LISTRAL L in thickness 8 / 10 mm
CREPI 504 in thickness 6 mm


2. Application notes

EMALIT-H is manufactured as Fully Tempered safety glass with a Heat Soak Test as standard acc. to EN 14179-1.

Specific national, regional or local codes and/or standards for application of enameled glass can differ significantly. The purchaser is responsible for the prevailing requirements.

The thermal tempering implies that subsequent work such as cutting, grinding, or drilling etc. may not be carried out on the glass. These operations will certainly cause breakage or significant weakening of the material characteristics! All additional work to the glass must therefore be carried out prior to the tempering process.


It is normal for the enamelled surface of EMALIT-H to be installed away from the weathered side. The intended viewing side is always outside (weather-side). Applications deviating from this in respect of characteristics and use are to be requested on a specific basis, in particular:

  • Use in vision areas (viewing from both sides, e.g. Partitions, ...)
  • Use with back-lighting
  • Edge quality and free-standing edges

Detailed information regarding assessment of colour rendition, notes on applications etc. can be found in the guidelines for determining the visual quality of enamelled and screen-printed glass. Notes on applications can be found under chapters 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 and 7.2 of our Handbook Tolerances [>].

[PDF] Handbook Tolerances


Colour differences may be apparent between samples and actual project deliveries because the self-colour of the glass, its thickness and surface structure can influence the colour. This can also be different in intensity depending on the colour chosen. It is therefore clear that when colour differences exist between a sample and actual delivery it does not constitute a defect. In cases of doubt we recommend a full-size mock-up. This is obligatory for EMALIT-H METAL.

Moisture uniformity on the glass surface

The surface moisture uniformity on the outside of the glass may vary e.g. due to imprints from rollers, fingers, labels, paper residue, suction pads, sealant residue, smoothing agents, separation agents or environmental influences. Moisture on the glass surface as a result of condensation, rain or cleaning water may have differing levels of uniformity. Such appearances are inherent characteristics and cannot be considered as defects.

[PDF] General Glazing Guidelines
[PDF] General cleaning and maintenace recommendations
[PDF] Particular installation and maintenance notes EMALIT-H BIOCLEAN


3. Edge working

EMALIT-H up to 2140 x 2140 mm is supplied with its edges arrissed as standard. Greater than 2140 x 2140 mm can have the edges only fine ground or polished.

When edges are ordered fine ground (KGN) or polished (KPO) they will have the corners swiped matt as standard.

Drilled holes

up to 12 mm Glass thickness
The hole diameter (D) must not be less than the glass thickness (S).

Glas thickness 15 and 19 mm
Hole diameter minimum 18 and 25 mm

Production restrictions apply for edge distances.

Arrissed edge (KGS)

4. Marking

Visible Quality stamp for EMALIT-H

Each sheet of glass receives a quality stamp (indicator paint) in the corner of its leading edge. This patented indicator paint proves that the glass has gone through the HST process. Before the Heat-Soak-Test each glass edge receives a dash of special blue paint which under the test conditions – minimum of four hours heat-soaking at approx. 280 °C – turns beige-brown. This proves that the marked unit has really undergone the test. This facilitates a loophole-free control of every sheet of glass even prior to installation in the facade.

In accordance with EN 12150, all EMALIT-H glass is visibly and permanently marked.

Quality Seal prior to HST
Quality Seal after HST

5. Certification

Harmonisation certification Fully Tempered–HST (ESG-H) fulfils the requirements of the German Building regulations A Part 1 2004/1 Appendix 11.4.2

ECKELT possesses all certification for such requirements in accordance with 89/106/EEC of the Council of the European Community. The applicable CE harmonization statements can be downloaded on the right.


6. Technical Data

EMALIT-H Fully Tempered HST from Float glass is subject to continuous internal and independent controls.